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"I was confused about what type of insurance I needed, and how to plan for my retirement.  You offered clear, sound and succinct advice in a language I was able to understand......."

"The hotline answered my tax question questions that would have taken me hours, if not days to research......."

"I am an Account Executive for a large brokerage firm and I have a back office staff available to answer my tax, pension, retirement, estate planning and business insurance questions.  However, they are not always available to me on a timely basis and my clients expect quick service.  That is why I find the Financial Advice Hotline™ so valuable to me and my business ......."

"I did not know where to go for objective financial advice and did not have much time to search around for it either.  It is good to know that you are there for me and my family ......."

"For me this is a lot easier than making an appointment with an advisor and traveling to the office.  I feel I can keep on top of things better this way because you are only a phone call or email away and I can consult with a Certified Financial Planner®........"

"Thank you taking my call a few minutes before your 8 pm EST closing time and consulting with me for one hour.  I appreciate that timely service........"


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