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Q.  Why are your rates lower than most other financial advisors?

A.  There are a few reasons for that.

First of all, we save quite a bit on​ travel.

Secondly, we believe in this type of forum for getting financial advice out to a broad spectrum of people who may have had difficulty affording it in the past.

Thirdly, our Certified Financial Planners™, although extremely competent and qualified, have  chosen to accept less in return for the freedom to give objective advice free from the pressure of financial sales quotas.
Q.  What are the qualifications of your financial advisors?

A.  All of the Financial Advice Hotline™ advisors must be Certified Financial Planners™, registered with the CFP board of Standards, Inc., and committed to a strict code of ethics and continuing education as prescribed by the CFP Board.  In addition, our financial advisors may have other qualifications such as CLU, ChFC, CPA, etc.

Q.  Do you provide "live" response to all callers?

A.  During our normal business hours of 8AM to 8PM M-F EST, we try to answer all calls "live".  However, during periods of very high call volume, this may not always be possible. At those times we ask that you leave a message which will normally be returned within one hour or at the date and time you specify if within normal business hours.

Q.  Do you provide comprehensive, written Financial Plans?

      Do you provide ongoing Portfolio Management Services?

A.  No.  These services go beyond the scope of the Financial Advice Hotline™ but can be handled by the Financial Planning Hotline™.  They can be reached via email at plan@financialplanninghotline.com

Q.  I work for one of the major brokerage houses. Sometimes I need a quick answer to an advanced markets question such as an estate planning question, or a pensions related question or an income tax question to serve my own client, and my back office staff is unavailable or busy.  Can I contact you guys?

A.  Absolutely.  We provide our services not only to the general public but to financial services professionals as well.  Consider us another resource at your disposal - with no fear of stealing any of your customer rapport.

Q.  I am a Human Resources director at a corporation, and many of our employees have difficulty understanding their health insurance choices and benefits or their 401k plans.  Can I purchase time for consultations to be used by our employees?

A.  Definitely.  And all pre-purchased reoccurring consultations can be purchased at discount.

Q. We are a family of four of average means, would you recommend, as you put it "periodic financial check-ups" for us?

A.  That depends on your personal circumstances which we can discuss as part of your free, no obligation consultation.  However, in this world of rapidly changing financial conditions it may make good sense to stay on top of things, and pre-purchased periodic consultations are available at a discount.

Q. My wife and I are interested in learning about the different forms of life insurance and in purchasing a policy or policies.  Can you help us with the purchase as well.

A. We can tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of life insurance and whether we consider any such insurance appropriate for your particular situation.  We will not recommend any company's financial product, whether it be insurance, mortgages, bonds, etc., unless our customer specifically asks us to do so and we feel it is appropriate to help meet their needs.

Q.  Do you offer any guarantees?

A.  First, we offer a no cost initial consultation to help you decide if you would like to purchase our services. Secondly, if you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason we offer your money back for up to 30 days after the service date with no questions asked.   Although we strive to be totally accurate in all the statements and communications we make, we realize it is not possible to be 100% accurate and do not guarantee that we are or will be. We cannot predict future economic conditions or guarantee financial results.


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